Do you want to learn a martial art you
can practice well into your senior years?

Are you interested in a non-competitive
non-aggressive form of self-defense?

Would you like to learn a martial art that
is suitable for both men and women?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Aikido will serve you well.



It's official. A new Canadian dojo is born. Our new dojo license has been issued. Wasenkan dojo is now registered with the honbu dojo in Japan. This is an an exciting milestone to accomplish for Sensei Dan. Thanks to everyone who has helped bring this process to fruition.




Being forgiving is overlooking the mistakes others make and loving them just as much as before. You can even forgive yourself when you do things your are sorry for. Forgiving yourself means to stop punishing yourself or feeling hopeless because of something yo9u did. It is moving ahead, ready to do things differently, with compassion for yourself and faith that you can change.